IC3 GS3 – Internet & Computing Core Certification Courseware
(Using Windows Vista & Microsoft Office 2007)

Features of this Courseware

  • Objectives of the lesson
  • The objectives specify the purposes of the lesson so that students have a clear idea of the skills that they are going to master. The objective of each lesson is presented in its own special section, and each lesson follows a coherent structure. The objectives let students grasp key information and be prepared to learn.

  • Instructions for each topic
  • For each objective, the lesson provides easy-to-read information focused on the techniques to be learned.

  • Clear illustrations in the student’s guide
  • Screen shot representations provide visual feedback while students follow the lesson. The images reinforce key concepts, give visual indications about the necessary steps, and provide a point of comparison to judge progress.

  • Quiz
  • Students can use the short answer questions in the Quiz to reinforce learning and the key concepts of the lesson.

  • Skills Testing
  • Represent a deepening of the practical skills developed during the chapter.

  • Verification Exercises
  • These are projects that, by applying the new acquired concepts and skills, offer students the opportunity to test their skill, mastery and understanding about the topics studied. To complete the Verification Exercises, you will use some files your teacher already prepared for the course before your arrival or will ask you to copy at your workstation. Otherwise, you can to work with these files at home or at work, they can be copied after the lesson.

  • Glossary
  • The glossary contains terms that may be unfamiliar to the student.

Product Details

  • Pages: 514
  • Last update: September 2010
  • Format: A4 (210x297)
  • Language: English

Book Preview

Product Details

  • Pages: 421
  • Last update: September 2008
  • Format: A4 (210x297)
  • Language: Arabic

Book Preview

Courseware Language: English Language: Arabic
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