IC3 2005 Standard Exams

How to get certified

Internet & Computing Core Certification consists of three different exams:

Computing Fundamentals - this exam measures candidate’s ability to identify different types of computer systems, IT devices, components of a PC (including internal components like the microprocessor) and an understanding of how these components work. This exams also evaluates knowledge regarding computer memory and data storage as well as how to maintenance and how to evaluate computer performance.

Key Applications – This exam evaluates the skills and knowledge required to use the common functions of all Windows applications, above all, Microsoft Office applications - Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The knowledge and skills evaluated in this exam focus on those functions that are considered fundamental to the use of the programs and which can be applied to all Word Processing, electronic Spreadsheet and Presentation programs that operate in the Windows environment. Skills include starting and exiting Word, Excel and PowerPoint, modifying the way toolbars and other items are displayed in the application window, using the help function, managing files, editing, and formatting and printing functions that are common to most Windows applications.

Living Online – This exam evaluate the candidate’s knowledge of the terminology associated with IT networks and the Internet, the components and the advantages of the different types of networks (e.g. LAN and WAN), how a computer network functions and how networks are interconnected (e.g. with the phone network or the Internet). Once candidates pass all three exams, the IC3 – Internet and Computing Core Certification certificate will be sent directly to their homes

Computing Fundamentals Language English Exam Objectives
Key Applications Language English Exam Objectives
Living Online Language English Exam Objectives

Preparing to Take an Exam

Each exam uses different test methodology. Wherever possible, the evaluation of a candidate’s skills in the use of program functions (e.g. file management functions or use of Windows functions) is undertaken using performance based questions, that is, questions that verify the candidate’s practical skills. This type of question requires the candidate to perform specific functions in an exam environment that simulates the Windows operating system and the application programs. Testing using performance based questions has shown itself to have the highest level of precision in measuring the ability of candidates. Testing of theoretical knowledge (e.g. knowledge of hardware and software) is done through the use of traditional questions such as multiple choice, multiple answer and True/False questions. The appropriate mix of performance based questions and traditional questions to evaluate the knowledge; competencies and skills of candidates give IC3 certification a high level of reliability, validity and impartiality, and gives candidates a high level of confidence in the program.

Questions to evaluate the candidate’s technical knowledge.

Questions to evaluate the candidate’s practical skills