Microsoft Office Specialist 2007

Microsoft® Office Specialists prove themselves. Whether professionally, academically, or personally, Microsoft® Office Specialist certifications prove you have the skills to succeed.


Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2007 is a valuable credential that recognizes the desktop computing skills needed to use the full features and functionality of the Microsoft® Office 2007 suite. MOS 2007 increases job satisfaction and heightens career achievement for the employee... helps increase productivity and efficiency for managers... and supports business goals for the corporation.

Employees certified in Office 2007 applications are able to effectively use these powerful applications to complete tasks and projects more efficiently:

Word 2007 A comprehensive set of writing tools that help users create and share content.

Excel® 2007 A powerful tool for creating spreadsheets, and analyzing and sharing information.

PowerPoint® 2007 Powerful presentation tool that allows users to create professional-looking presentations.

Outlook® 2007 An integrated solution for managing time and information, connecting across boundaries.

Access® 2007 A database solution that allows users to effectively track, report and share information.

Windows® Vista® for Business An operating system designed to deliver a productive, high-performing desktop experience while making it easy to manage huge volumes of business documents.

MOS 2007 certification specifically targets corporate demand for Office 2007 suite skills. Businesses worldwide are using the Office 2007 suite, and the Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 certification is a perfect opportunity to leverage and validate their technology investment.

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2007 certification features a series of certification levels, providing a continuum for skills qualification and validation. They include core credentials in any one of the most popular 2007 Microsoft Office products, and Expert and Master credentialing for advanced users.

Microsoft Office Specialist (Core Certification)

The Microsoft Office Specialist core certification validates skills with the Microsoft Office 2007 suite. Exams are available on these Office products: Word 2007, Excel® 2007, PowerPoint® 2007, Outlook® 2007 and Access® 2007, as well as Windows® Vista® for Business.

Microsoft Office Expert

The Microsoft Office Expert certification validates advanced skills in specific Microsoft Office applications. Gaining the credential requires that a candidate pass either of these exams: Word 2007 Expert or Excel® 2007 Expert.

Microsoft Office Master

The Microsoft Office Master Certification denotes fluency in several important Microsoft Office applications. To achieve this designation, a candidate must pass four exams: Word 2007 Expert, Excel® 2007 Expert and PowerPoint® 2007, and either Outlook 2007 or Access® 2007.

Certify new skills with Microsoft® Office Specialist 2007.

The Microsoft Office 2007 suite presents an exciting opportunity for academic institutions to improve desktop computing skills.

With this software comes Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) 2007 certification, a valuable credential that recognizes the skills needed to use the full features and functionality of Office 2007 applications. The credential can be used to your students' advantage by giving them the skills and expertise that colleges look for and employers depend on.

Why certification is important to students, teachers and secondary schools:

The need for Microsoft Office skills is increasing dramatically as more and more academic institutions and businesses are embracing newer technologies. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification will enable students to advance their education and start their careers with proven Office 2007 skills. Based on globally recognized standards, MOS 2007 certification is an important and distinguished credential for students when applying for college or jobs.

Now is your opportunity to deepen the substance and value of your curricula, especially business and technology courses. With certification, your students can differentiate their skills and be more academically prepared and workforce ready. Faculty can give more to their students by personally achieving certification in the Office 2007 suite. Schools can maximize their technology investment while strengthening their programs, relevance and stature.

Give students the benefits of Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 certification.

Microsoft Office Specialist 2007 certification is a qualification that college recruiters and hiring managers look for. College admissions boards see certification as an indicator of motivation and digital literacy. Hiring managers view it as a real-world, recognized credential, providing a standard that helps them fill openings quickly and maximize the return on resources and technology. Moreover, research shows that a comprehensive level of skill proficiency is directly linked to an immediate increase in on-the-job performance, regardless of the actual job function.* Knowing the value that the certification holds for recruiters and hiring managers increases the student's motivation to complete coursework and advance.