IC3 GS4 Exams

The IC3 GS4 exams align to Microsoft Office 2010 and Windows 7. The IC3 GS4 exams are delivered through iQsystem platform, available at a Certiport Center. Any IC3 inventory examination and/or vouchers can be used for IC3 GS4 examinations.

The IC³ program is structured around three individual examinations:

A candidate will earn their certification when he or she has completed the three examinations successfully. Whenever appropriate, testing an examinee's ability to use specific product functions (such as operating system file and system management functions) is administered with performance-based test items, providing examinees with an interactive simulation of the software product and requiring them to perform the functions exactly as they would with the real product. IC³ uses up-to-date versions of the most commonly used applications. Testing of other types of skills and knowledge (such as knowledge of hardware and software) is administered with traditional selected response items (multiple-choice, multiple-response, matching, etc.). Each of the three exams will contain approximately 45 test items. Exams will be administered on-line in real time and will be timed to last 50 minutes.

IC3 Global Standard 4
Using Windows 7 &: Microsoft Office 2010

Computing Fundamentals Languages English, Arabic Exam Objectives
Key Applications Languages English, Arabic Exam Objectives
Living Online Languages English, Arabic Exam Objectives