CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals Exams

CompTIA® Strata™ IT Fundamentals: the entry-level exam from the industry leader in computer technology education.

Strata IT Fundamentals lets individuals explore their options in the IT field or simply gain basic knowledge even if they pursue a non-IT career. This credential allows them to demonstrate their grasp of these key areas:

CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals can also put the holder in a better position to work with IT professionals, heighten comfort levels, and prepare for advancement in further IT education and training and eventually for the job market:

CompTIA® Strata™ IT Fundamentals Languages English, Arabic Exam Objectives

Preparing to Take an Exam

The CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of IT Technology Certificate is designed to show that the successful candidate has the knowledge to identify and explain PC components, setup a basic PC workstation, conduct basic software installation, identify compatibility issues and recognize/prevent basic security risks. Further, this test will assess the candidate's knowledge in the areas of Green IT and preventative maintenance of computers. This test is intended for candidates completing their "secondary" education, considering the pursuit of a CompTIA A+ certification, and/or advanced home users who wish to further their IT knowledge.


Which of the following protocols is primarily focused on the transfer of large files?

  1. HTTP
  2. FTP
  3. SMTP
  4. DNS

Which of the following BEST explains the purpose of file compression?

  1. To secure the files
  2. To eliminate duplicate files
  3. To index files for searching
  4. To reduce the size of files

Which of the following can save Energy consumption in a data center?

  1. Evenly space out equipment to avoid an increased temperature in one area of the room.
  2. Eliminate using raised flooring in the data center.
  3. Place most servers in the middle of the data center allowing cool air to flow around them.
  4. I nstall cooling in the corners of the data center so cool air can circle the room.

The CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals test is a beginner level test covering PC basics

60 minutes

70 total

1.0 Technology and Computer Hardware Basics 40%
2.0 Compatibility Issues and Common Errors 13%
3.0 Software Installation and Functions 11%
4.0 Security Risks and Prevention 16%
5.0 Green IT and Preventative Maintenance 20%